Thurman Kellogg, a native of Sterling, Illinois who resides in White Center, Washington has been acting on stage for most of his life as well as in short and feature films just in the last few years. Although he prefers to play comedic roles, he's been the most successful portraying troubled, conflicted characters. Usually individuals in the midst of some kind of internal struggle while grinding to make it through a rough patch in life. Thurman is excited to be in the company of such talented professionals who have collaborated so well during the entire creative process: from initial table read to final edit. It's rare and always refreshing to see an entire cast and crew all rowing in the same direction during the entire project. If you enjoy watching "Crowbar" as much as Thurman enjoyed working on it, you're in for a cinematic experience that will stay with you for a long time, and, in Thurman's case, for the rest of his life.