Francheasca Hollins-Roberson has hit the ground running with her breakout role as the fearless character Elva in Crowbar the film. Born in Boston Massachusetts, Francheasca is most known as a recording artist who has travelled and performed internationally. She is the second to the oldest of four siblings and daughters of parents Milton and Helen Hollins, professional singer, songwriters, musicians who also owned a local chain of bakeries. Francheasca's love for the theater began to develop when she was a young girl, when on Saturday mornings you would find her glued to the television watching movie classics or at the opening of classic stage plays like West Side Story, Carmen or Timbuktu. Francheasca started exploring acting by participating in school productions of Jesus Christ Super Star, Oklahoma and Fiddler on the Roof. She found that she could transport herself by memorizing lines from the movies and acting out the scenes which often included changing her voice to mimic some of Hollywood's elite, like Lauren Bcall, Audrey Hepburn, Betty Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Cicely Tyson, Eartha Kitt and Mae West. In retrospect, one could say that Francheasca could be considered to have studied under the best of the best. Francheasca is a quick study, and her appeal is based on a charismatic and compelling attitude. With each role Francheasca can somehow absorb the poise, wittiness, grace, confidence and sometimes pain needed to bring the character to life. Her natural instinct, determination and passion for the arts and her ability to bring out the true essence of any character will keep her forging ahead as she continues to embark on her theatrical journey. Francheasca Hollins-Roberson also, donates her spare time to nonprofit organizations that advocate self-sufficiency for women and families in need.

Francheasca won Best Supporting Actress in the Las Vegas Film Festival!